Is Broccoli Good For Acid Reflux? The Surprising Benefits

a bowl with broccoli

Broccoli is one of the most nutritious and delicious vegetables, but did you know it can also help relieve symptoms associated with acid reflux? This superfood offers several health benefits, but research has also shown that it may effectively reduce the burning sensation caused by acid reflux. Learn more about how broccoli can be a … Read more

Do Apples Help Heartburn?

apples in a appletree a sunny summer

Eating fresh apples picked directly from the apple tree in the summer is amazing! Recent studies have found that apples can reduce heartburn symptoms, making them a natural and effective way to reduce discomfort. So if you’re looking for relief from heartburn without reaching for antacids or prescription medications, keep reading to find out more … Read more

Is Beet Juice Good For Acid Reflux? Solved (2023)

a glass of beet juice

Are you one of those who drink a glass of beetroot juice to start their day or improve stamina? You deserve kudos because not many people know about the many health benefits of beetroot juice.  However, you may not be sure if it is one of the causes of heartburn and other uncomfortable symptoms of … Read more

Home Remedies For Heartburn: 20 Fast Ways To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux

a woman having acid reflux

Acid reflux may not be dangerously life-threatening, but it is most certainly one of the most discomforting diseases. About 20% of the American population suffers from GERD daily. With these high statistics, it is safe to assume that local people and science have developed several treatments and remedies. This article discusses home remedies for heartburn … Read more

Is Mustard Bad For Acid Reflux? 3 Reasons Why You Should Eat It

a small bowl of mustard with mustard seeds around it with a spoon

Acid reflux disease is a discomforting digestive disorder,. Even though some people prefer taking medicines such as proton pump inhibitors and h2 blockers to relieve it, many still reside in traditional home remedies. One such remedy is mustard. Do you like the zesty taste of mustard and enjoy adding it to your bland acid reflux … Read more

Do Carrots Cause Acid Reflux? 5 Precautions To Take


Do you like the sweet earthy taste of carrots? It can be eaten raw as a snack and adds flavor to cooked meals. Do you wonder if this delicious and protein-packed vegetable has any disadvantages? This article answers the most common question; do carrots cause acid reflux? Keep reading to find out.  Do Carrots Cause … Read more

Can Goli Gummies Cause Heartburn? Finally Answered

girl holding in a supplement bottle

This article answers the question, “can goli gummies cause heartburn?” Are you one of those who start their day with a shot of apple cider vinegar but wish you could take away its bitter taste? However, Goli apple cider vinegar gummies have the magical powers you seek. It is a dietary supplement made with natural … Read more

Does Kefir Help With Acid Reflux? Complete Guide

two glasses of kefir with two tree spoones

Are you a fan of fermented foods such as kefir? Its health benefits most certainly make it a tempting food option. The question here is; does kefir help with acid reflux? This article discusses what kefir is, why it helps with acid reflux disease, and how you can add it to your diet.  Keep reading … Read more