Is Chicken Broth Good For Acid Reflux?

Taking chicken broth is a good idea if you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (Gerd), also known as acid reflux. Apart from containing some healthy nutrients, it helps manage the symptoms of acid reflux. 

Why Chicken Broth Is Good For Acid Reflux

Chicken bouillon and other broth-based soups are beneficial to acid reflux patients. Here’s why:

It Improves Your Gut Health

Acid reflux is one of the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome, which occurs when there is a gap in the gastrointestinal tract. A leaky gut, if left untreated, could progress to other symptoms like joint pain, headache, muscle aches, and brain fog. 

It turns out that chicken soup contains healthy nutrients like amino acids that help repair leaky gut and reduce gastrointestinal complaints resulting from GERD symptoms. Broth made with chicken soup is one of the top superfoods as it supports immune function and decreases inflammation and oxidative stress.

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It Helps To Maintain Your pH Level

Though acid reflux is not a result of too much stomach acid, it happens when this stomach acid travels back to the esophagus, and this could be a painful experience. The lower esophageal sphincter prevents this occurrence, but maintaining a healthy pH level is the best way to stop it from doing more work. 

While animal meat is one of the most acidic foods you consume, broth made from animal bones is not, and they are also a good option for your alkaline diet. Chicken noodle soup and other broth-based chicken soups are good sources of alkalizing minerals that reduce the risk of having symptoms of acid reflux.

You should avoid tomato-based broths and other acidic foods because these acids are harmful to your digestive system, as they increase acid production in your stomach. These acids take longer to digest, making your lower esophageal sphincter do more work. 

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It Aids Digestion

Acid reflux symptoms occur when stomach contents like undigested food flow backward from your stomach to the esophagus, and the irritation could lead to sore throat, coughing, or wheezing. While indigestion may happen because of poor eating habits, you can help your digestive system by taking chicken broth.

Chicken broth contains gelatin which absorbs water, allowing more fluid in your digestive tract so that food may move through your gi tract appropriately. Undigested food may be acidic and lead to heartburn resulting from GERD.

Taking chicken broth could play a crucial role in your digestive system. The slow cooker chicken bone broth is excellent for digestion because it has been put through a cooking process that turns most of it to bone and makes food easy to digest.

Vegetables can also be prepared in your basic chicken broth, as they are a good source of fiber that improves digestion. 

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It Helps With Weight Loss

To avoid acid reflux symptoms, you need to consider some lifestyle changes, which include reducing the fatty foods in your acid reflux diet. Chicken broth is an alternative to high-fat recipes that you need to avoid. 

Chicken broth contains only 12 calories per serving and is an excellent low-calorie option you would enjoy as a part of your balanced meal. With its low calories, chicken broth can help prevent obesity and encourage weight loss if you are an acid reflux patient. 

However, you should limit the amount of chicken broth you take if you suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease, as it contains high amounts of sodium. You should also watch the amount of salt you add to your chicken broth because it not only makes your dish salty, but you also need to manage the amount of sodium in your body. 

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Is Chicken Broth Good For Acid Reflux Summary

Acid reflux is a condition that prohibits the consumption of some dishes you may like. However, you may continue to enjoy your chicken broth as it helps prevent acid reflux symptoms and provides some healthy nutrients the body needs. You can use it the same way you use water for cooking or as a base in your homemade soup.

Another great way to enjoy it is by drinking a cup of broth. It is a natural way to help replenish your body’s electrolytes to keep its water content in check.