Are Graham Crackers Good For Acid Reflux? (Solved)

Once your GERD/acid reflux symptoms have worsened, you might find it challenging to do ordinary things, such as lying down or even eating your favorite meal, without worrying about its effects. 

But all that would have been for nothing if you lacked knowledge of acid reflux dietary changes. Some people abstain from food substances that are falsely associated with GERD. Meanwhile, others continue to consume harmful substances because of their unawareness. 

Keep reading this article to find out if graham crackers are good for acid reflux and what GERD-friendly snacking options are available.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease/ acid reflux

GERD, more commonly known as acid reflux, is a condition in which the stomach acid reflux back into the food pipe, creating a burning sensation in your throat and causing sharp chest pain. This can happen for several reasons, including obesity, as the excess weight will add pressure on your abdomen, and the lack of space will leave no option but for the stomach contents and acids to flow backward.

Contact with chiropractic may be a good idea since they may help in some instances.

It can also happen due to the distortion of your lower esophageal sphincter LES, a vital muscle responsible for diverting acids away from the esophagus. When LES disrupts, it will function poorly and relax at inappropriate times, and that will cause the toxic acids to enter your tube and cause GERD symptoms. If you are experiencing the following symptoms continuously, consult your health care provider instantly.

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Safe Food Options For GERD

Even though you can’t consume trigger foods such as citrus fruits, acidic foods, cream cheese, fatty foods, dairy products, spicy foods, or even white bread, there are still many delicious options to choose from. 

You’d be happy to learn that the consumption of fresh fruits such as bananas and apples are harmless, as well as peanut butter, egg whites, baked potato chips, brown rice, and ginger ale. If you replace refined flour with whole grain or wheat flour in your diet and ensure ingestion of lean protein and high fiber, there is a big chance that you can prevent acid reflux symptoms.

Pizza may be eaten, but you must pick the ingredients very carefully.

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Can You Eat Graham Crackers With GERD?

Graham crackers are a sweet treat originally inspired by dietary reformer Sylvester Graham, who is also the origin behind graham bread and flour.

If you have GERD, the precaution and restrictions are not limited to essential meals of the day but can be triggered by any and every food substance/ liquid you consume.

You should focus extra on eating small portions of meals throughout the day and maintain a healthy diet consisting of high-fiber food; apart from that, it is also necessary to superintend your snack intake. 

As for graham crackers, it has been scientifically proven that someone susceptible to acid reflux can eat graham crackers without endangering their digestive system because of the following reasons.

Benefits Of Graham Crackers

Graham crackers have an average ph of 7.51, making them close to neutral and an alkaline substance. Alkaline food is considered a good choice for GERD patients because it is a good source of high fiber and reduces acidity in digestive tracts, reducing the symptoms of acid reflux.

However, each body operates differently, which is why there is no definite way to predict how your body might react to the consumption of graham crackers. Eating a small amount at first and noticing its effects is advised.

Dry foods such as graham crackers, pretzels, and plain toast can help with acid reflux to a great extent because they soak up stomach acids which will reduce the symptoms of heartburn and prevent further pain.

Graham crackers are one of the most accessible snacks to make and eat at any time of the day. Pairing them with other high-fiber cream sauces is a good idea as well. They can be a source of healthy fat, protein, and fiber that will aid your upset stomach. 

Other Similar Snack Options

If your body reacts poorly toward graham crackers and your symptoms seem to be heightened, that means that it is not probably the best choice for you, but there is no need to worry because there are several other choices. Just like graham crackers, these options are GERD-friendly and mostly harmless.

Saltine Crackers 

It is one of the best snacks to add to your bland diet. It is proven that dry substances such as this can easily pass through your stomach without triggering the symptoms. Unlike heavier foods, Lighter ones cause lower amounts of acids to be produced. Not only that, but saltine crackers will soak up the acid in your stomach.

Soda Crackers

They are high in starch and satisfy intense cravings and the urge to overeat. Since one of the leading causes of GERD is obesity, these crackers can be added to your diet and will help reduce weight. Once the cause of acid reflux is solved, the effects and symptoms will vanish. Also, soda crackers will absorb gastric acids and ease your stomach. 

Ritz Crackers

It is a savory treat that is rich in protein and fiber and will keep you energized. It is better to choose the whole grain option, a delicious and fulfilling snack combined with other beneficial foods such as apples, peanut butter, or low-fat cheese.

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Are Graham Crackers Good For Acid Reflux Summary

To conclude, it is evident that Gastroesophageal reflux disease makes your life miserable in many ways, so we can say with complete certainty that it does not need to end your snacking habits too.

Everyone gets slightly hungry even after eating proper meals thrice a day. So snacks are a necessity that can’t be cut out completely.

Crackers are a great snack, and their dry properties are highly beneficial for a GERD-infected stomach, so as long as you check the food label of your preferred crackers and choose a variant with healthy and GERD-friendly properties, it will be harmless.