Is Mushrooms Good For Acid Reflux?

Mushrooms are known for their numerous health benefits and the essential nutrient they provide for the body. You may be among over 60 million people in the United States who experience Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (Gerd) symptoms at least once a month and do not know if eating mushrooms is a good idea. This article brings good news because mushrooms are a good choice if you suffer from acid reflux symptoms. 

Why Mushrooms Are Good For Acid Reflux 

Here are some of the reasons why mushrooms are good for acid reflux:

They Are Not Acidic

Mushrooms have a pH of around 6.00 to 6.70, meaning they are not acidic. A lower pH value would mean higher acidity, and acidic foods are a risk factor for getting GERD symptoms. Though they are not a cause of reflux symptoms, they also do not help cure it, but they play an essential role in keeping the stomach’s pH level neutral.

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The idea of a balanced diet for acid reflux patients is to eat non-acidic foods to counter the excess intake of acidic foods because we mostly eat foods like carbohydrates and meats with higher acidity levels. While mushrooms are a great source of protein, they do not provide as much protein as meats. However, you may go for lean meats over beef or other fatty foods since mushrooms are not a meat substitute nutritionally. 

The pH level of mushrooms makes them a great addition to your acid reflux diet and could be a suitable topping for people who eat pizza with acid reflux. It also helps to prevent the development of harmful bacteria that increase your stomach acid. When acids and other stomach contents are in the stomach for extended periods, they may cause stomach problems like abdominal pain, which are symptoms of acid reflux. 

Though raw mushrooms are not acidic, their acidity level may change depending on the ingredients you add when you process them. You should not add cream or milk to mushrooms to avoid making them acidic. Also, adding butter, garlic, or wine to your mushroom sauce can turn it into an acidic food. 

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They Help Prevent Acid Reflux Symptoms

Mushrooms do not only balance the stomach’s pH level, but they also have a low glycemic index. It means that the consumption of mushrooms does not cause an increase in your blood sugar levels, leading to symptoms of acid reflux. You can also take mushrooms after alcoholic drinks because they can absorb alcohol from the stomach and reduce the risk of side effects like chest pain and burning sensation in the chest. 

Mushrooms also contain glutamine, an amino acid that helps neutralize acids that may want to return to the esophagus. Medicinal mushrooms like lion’s mane, turkey tail, and Chaga possess qualities that help improve gut health and support the digestive system. 

They Aid In Weight Loss 

Excess fat in acid reflux sufferers may cause digestive system problems while processing high-fiber and spicy foods. Since mushrooms are a good source of fiber and proteins, they aid in weight loss while maintaining muscle mass. Edible mushrooms like oyster mushrooms are well-known fat-burning foods that help keep the body’s metabolism and regulate hormones. 

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Best Mushrooms For Acid Reflux 

picture of different mushrooms

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There are different types of mushrooms, but not all are the same, and some mushrooms are more effective in reducing GERD symptoms. 

There is scientific evidence that shiitake mushrooms can reduce the risk of acid reflux symptoms by up to 50%, while oyster mushrooms aid weight loss and help regulate stomach acid. Chaga mushrooms also prevent chronic inflammation in the stomach, which can cause symptoms of acid reflux. 

Lion’s mane and reishi mushrooms are also beneficial for acid reflux. While lion’s mane mushrooms protect the mucous membranes from damage due to acid reflux symptoms, reishi mushrooms counter inflammation in the esophagus. 

However, you should note that raw mushrooms could lead to digestive issues as they contain raffinose and mycochitin, which are hard to digest. Cooking these raw mushrooms breaks down these compounds and releases many nutrients. The cooking process also destroys toxins in mushrooms, but some mushrooms remain poisonous no matter how long you cook them. 

You should ask healthcare professionals for advice if you are not sure a type of mushroom is safe for consumption. 

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Is Mushrooms Good For Acid Reflux Summary

Mushrooms are safe for acid reflux sufferers, and though raw mushrooms are hard to digest, they do not cause acid reflux symptoms but could lead to allergic reactions. You may eat these raw mushrooms in moderation or subject them to cooking for a long time. Wild mushrooms also have to be examined before consumption to avoid poisoning. 

You should notice your body’s reaction after you eat mushrooms. If these reactions persist or increase, you should consider taking mushrooms off your menu and consult your doctor about effective treatment options.