Is Sea Moss Good For Acid Reflux – Solved

Sea moss, commonly referred to as Irish moss or Chondrus Crispus, is a type of seaweed that grows abundantly on the coast of the Atlantic. With its great features, this red algae is one of the most beneficial marine superfoods.

The same ingredient is added to ice cream, yogurt, and cheese to avoid digestive problems. The potential health benefits of sea moss can help you with several chronic infections, and its regular consumption can protect you from the likelihood of developing diseases in the foreseeable future. The soothing effects of sea moss are mostly proven to help with thyroid issues, purification of blood, weight loss, amenia relief, reduced inflammation, and better digestive health.

Is Sea Moss Good For Acid Reflux? 

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Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or Acid reflux is a condition in which the disruption of a muscle known as the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) causes stomach acids to enter the esophagus and cause problems such as heartburn, chest pain, and acidity.

If you are someone suffering from the discomforting effects of GERD, it requires your immediate attention. Otherwise, you risk having Barrett’s esophagus or even throat cancer. Several scientifically proven methods can be adapted to help with its symptoms.

Still, apart from that, some of the healing properties of sea moss are also proven to alleviate acid reflux/ GERD.

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Sea Moss Properties That Help With Acid Reflux

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Sea moss has 92 of the 102 minerals our body contains, including vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and potassium chloride. These primary nutrients reduce the risks of infections, and sea moss’s anti-inflammatory properties ensure a better immune system.

Sea moss is known to have a tranquilizing and soothing effect on mucous membranes. It fabricates a defensive layer around the membranes which minimizes the amount of mucus buildup in our bodies. It regulates bowel movement and improves gut health, decreasing acid reflux. 

Mainly, sea moss contains an emulsifier known as sodium alginate. When the valve LES doesn’t close properly and causes the reflux of stomach acids into the esophagus. Alginate can be used to form a barrier between our stomach and esophagus. Hence, restricting the backward flow and relieving symptoms of GERD.

New research has shed light on sea moss’s ability to help with joint pain. Other than that, if you recently had a bariatric procedure that ultimately led to complications with GERD. Recovery can be prolonged and difficult. In this case, sea moss consumption is recommended as it is known to aid connective tissues and corroborate a quicker and less painful recovery.

Other benefits may include the following:

Besides sea moss’s ability to help with acid reflux, it contains essential minerals that prominently help with other diseases or illnesses. Some of its examples are listed below.

  • Sea moss’s burdock root helps purify the blood and reduces blood pressure significantly. The rich zinc content and anti-inflammatory properties of sea moss can ensure men’s stamina, boosts testosterone levels, and enhance male sexual performance. It has also been proven to increase sperm count and resolve fertility issues in many women.
  • The potassium in sea moss also helps our bodies physically and mentally. Sea moss is considered a premier food to uplift mood because its consumption can significantly relieve anxiety, panic, and depression. 
  • Lastly, amenia is a condition in which a lack of oxygen causes lower hemoglobin levels. Still, sea moss contains burdock root and iron, which helps maintain a healthy red blood cell count and improves immunity, improving the brain’s function.

How Can You Ensure Its Consumption Regularly?

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It may not be easy to ensure that you consume an adequate supply of sea moss daily but now that you know its benefits. There are several fun ways to make it a part of the local diet and reap the benefits of its essential nutrients without even noticing the taste. 

Most people prefer making sea moss gel. It is straightforward to create and durable for up to 10 days. The gel can be put as a complimentary substance in your hot/cold beverages such as tea or smoothies.

If you prefer otherwise, it can be put in food products too. The gentle laxative effect of sea moss will promote waste elimination and improve the digestive system. Putting it regularly in your meals, even in small quantities, will resolve your digestive issues once and for all and benefit you in the long term.

Sea moss is considered one of the most potent superfoods because, as per recent scientific evidence, it is an entirely vegan and gluten-free load of nutrients, which means that it can easily be added to vegetarian diets, hence improving the overall health of everyone.

Does Sea Moss Have Negative Effects?

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Sea moss is a pack of nutrients and minerals with many healing properties, and even though there are no cases reported, the overconsumption of sea moss can result in problems for some people from time to time. Sea moss already consists of a potent anticoagulant that thins the blood, so taking it along with other prescribed blood thinners can cause issues.

If you are someone in a similar situation, be sure to take professional medical advice before excessive consumption of sea moss to ensure that you don’t suffer from its consequences.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also advised to refrain from its consumption. There’s no reliable research on this subject, but staying safe is better.

However, do not confuse sea moss with manufactured and refined products such as carrageenan because it is highly chemicalized during production, and its adverse effects can be a lot more crucial than the healthy properties of natural sea moss

Is Sea Moss Good For Acid Reflux Summary

There you have it; hopefully, you can get fewer acid reflux problems after reading this article.

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