Best Vodka For Acid Reflux – Sip Without The Burn (2023)

You should not consume alcoholic drinks if you are a gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) patient. However, the good news is that you can still enjoy vodka and experience fewer acid reflux symptoms, but a good idea would be to limit the amount you take.

Is Vodka Good For Acid Reflux?

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Vodka-based alcohol is a good option if you suffer from GERD symptoms and have different alcoholic beverages at your disposal. These vodka-based alcohol are also acidic like any other type of alcohol, but they have a pH level that makes them one of the minor acidic alcohol you can consume. Though they are not totally on the acidic side, you still need to watch your alcohol consumption because they may cause symptoms of acid reflux if you consume them in large quantities.

The lower esophageal sphincter in the lower esophagus prevents stomach contents from coming back up and causing a burning sensation in the chest. There is more production of stomach acid if the acidity level of what you consume is high, and this acid tends to flow backward. Since vodka is not as acidic as some alcoholic drinks, there is less acid production in the stomach, and the lower esophageal sphincter does less work.

Drinking vodka occasionally may not harm you, but you may feel worse than you do after consuming too many acidic foods if you take too much. Some GERD patients suffer side effects when they consume vodka in small quantities, but these side effects will be minimal compared to when they consume other alcoholic drinks like beer, red wine, and white wine.

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What Is The Best Vodka For Acid Reflux?

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While vodka may be the best alcoholic drink for acid reflux sufferers, some are better than others in reducing chest pain and other GERD symptoms.

Choosing non-grain vodka is one of the best choices you will make to reduce acid reflux symptoms. It has a value of around 6 to 7 on the ph scale, making it slightly acidic or neutral, and is not one of the strong stimulants of gastric acid secretion

Also, it does not have high sugar content, unlike other alcoholic beverages made from grains which are common triggers of GERD symptoms.

The best way to enjoy non-grain vodka is by drinking it straight, and you should also avoid mixing it with orange juice or other citrus fruits. Apple or cranberry juice is a better choice if you need to mix vodka with fruit juices. These fruit juices do not worsen acid reflux symptoms, and they can provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to help you deal with a hangover if you take too much vodka.

You can also mix vodka with club soda or seltzer water instead of carbonated drinks like tonic water with high acidity. You can also add a bit of lemon juice or lime juice to help neutralize the acidity.

You should also slowly drink your vodka to allow your body more time to process it. Typically, it takes your body about an hour to process one standard drink, and the faster you drink it, the more your chances of getting drunk. You may feel the urge to drink more vodka if you get drunk, and excessive vodka leads to experiencing GERD symptoms.

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Best Vodka For Acid Reflux Summary

You should avoid alcoholic drinks if you suffer acid reflux symptoms because of their high acidity. However, vodka is unlike alcohols like beer and wine, but it can be harmful to acid reflux patients if consumed in large quantities.