Best Wine For Acid Reflux – Ultimate Guide For 2023

Do you like to spend your evenings snuggled on the couch with a chilled glass of wine in your hand? Then it must have been hard for you to learn that acid reflux/ gastroesophageal reflux disease can take this tranquillity away from you. 

But you don’t have to worry anymore because you have come to the right place. Keep reading this article and learn about some of the best wines least likely to trigger your acid reflux symptoms.

5 Best Wines For Acid Reflux

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Gerd is a severe complication that hinders your life in several ways. You must make changes in different areas of your life, so if you are having a hard time quitting wine, that’s completely understandable.

We have listed some of the safest types of wine for you that are least likely to trigger your GERD symptoms. Now you can have this last ounce of normalcy and enjoy your favorite drink without stressing out.

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1. Chardonnay

Chardonnay is the mouth-watering grape variety used in white wine production. Even though white wines are considered more acidic than red, chardonnay is one of the few white wines that uses malolactic fermentation MLF in its production. The conversion of malic acid into soft lactic acid decreases the acidity of the wine and takes off its natural sharpness.

Chardonnay tends to have fruity flavors ranging from apples and pears to various citrus fruits. The taste usually depends on the type of climate the grape was originally grown in. For example, warmer climates bring out tropical fruit flavor, while cooler climates bring out a buttery and citrusy taste.

Chardonnay has relatively lower acidity levels than other varieties, so it is the perfect option for you if you are a fan of white wines.

Fact: malolactic fermentation (MLF) wines are more creamy and oily

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2. Merlot 

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Merlot is a black grape variety mainly used in full-bodied red wine production. Several wine drinkers prefer this wine because of the raspberry, plum, and sweet cherry flavors it contains.

Anyone would be exasperated to give this wine up, but the good news is that Merlot is another low-acid wine that is delicious and budget-friendly wine. Are you wondering what exactly makes Merlot safe for GERD patients?

As you might know, Tannin is a substance that triggers your acid reflux by affecting a vital muscle known as the lower esophageal sphincter. When that happens, stomach contents can enter your esophagus and travel into your digestive tract. This causes acid reflux’s discomforting symptoms. 

Most wines contain this substance which is precisely why doctors recommend against it. Luckily, Merlot has low tannin levels, making it one of the best wines for acid reflux.

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3. Grenache

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Grenache is a type of red-skinned grape wine rich in flavor and texture.

Unsurprisingly it is considered one of the most expensive wines in the world. However, on the bright side, grenache has low acidity levels, which makes it an excellent option for acid reflux. 

Much like Merlot, grenache also contains fewer tannins, so the chances of experiencing an unpleasant sensation after drinking one glass are relatively low. While grenache grown in a warm climate is no more likely to trigger acid reflux than grenache grown in a cooler climate, warmth ripens the grapes more and makes them less acidic.

Grenache shouldn’t be confused with its other mutation, grenache blanc, used in white wine production instead of red. The main difference between the two is the color of their grape skins and their taste.

4. Cabernet Sauvignon

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Cabernet Sauvignon is yet another red wine deemed safe for acid reflux patients. It is one of the most popular wines to exist and is produced worldwide in nearly every wine-growing country.

Cabernet is rich in resveratrol which has been recently proven to contain anti-inflammatory properties. Considering that inflammation is one of the most painful side effects of acid reflux, that means that drinking cabernet is not only safe but beneficial as well.

Cabernet sauvignon is also considered the king of red wines, and you’d be happy to learn that you can enjoy its diverse flavors and textures without having to worry about reflux.

5. Marsanne 

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Marsanne is a white wine grape variety famous for its wonderful full-bodied texture. Even though it is one of the dry wines, people in Valais, Switzerland, commonly drink its sweeter variation.

Marsanne is generally low in acidity, making it a good choice for acid reflux sufferers. The Marsanne grape is recommended to be grown in a warm climate because its likelihood of retaining a high acidity decreases as it ripens. It is somewhat similar to grenache in that respect.

Marsanne has blissful aromas of peaches, apricots, and even hedgerow flowers. It also develops notes of nuts and spices as it matures, making it the perfect choice for traditional family dinners.

Precautions To Take While Drinking Wine With Acid Reflux

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Now that you’ve looked at some of the best wines for acid reflux, remember that there is no guarantee that even these wines are 100% harmless.

We have listed some adequate precautions below, enabling all wine drinkers to enjoy drinking without worrying.

  1. Keep a glass of water with you and drink it in between so that stomach acids and wine’s adverse effects will be neutralized.
  2. Drinking wine on an empty stomach can increase acid production in your body, so always pair it with solid food.
  3. Always drink it 2-3 hours before bed because If you drink wine and lay down immediately afterward, the risk of acid reflux will increase significantly.
  4. The most common recommendation is to decrease alcohol consumption altogether from your life but since you can’t be expected to quit it wholly, try drinking moderate amounts.

This will alleviate discomforting symptoms, including the burning sensation in your chest, the sour taste in the back of the throat, chest pain, abdominal pain, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Tell if a Wine is Too Acidic?

A bitter-tasting wine with a bright taste is likely to be much more acidic than a sweeter, softer-tasting one. Upon drinking wine, you’ll be able to taste the acids on your tongue’s side. You can also determine wine’s acidity by gauging the extent of the mouth-watering effect it creates.

Is Red Wine Less Acidic Than White Wine?

Yes, red wine is less acidic because winemakers prioritize using Malolactic fermentation. Meanwhile, only a few white wines go through this process.

Why Are GERD Patients Recommended To Avoid Wine?

Gerd patients are asked to abstain from all alcoholic beverages because of their diuretic properties. Like other alcoholic drinks, wine also causes you to urinate more repeatedly. This causes dehydration in the body and acid reflux symptoms to get worse.

Which Wine is Worst For Acid Reflux?

All white wines are considered more acidic than red ones, but some of the most acidic wines include sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, and pinot gris.

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Best Wine For Acid Reflux Summary

Wine, safe or not, can have varied effects from person to person. Just because your friend’s or relative’s acid reflux didn’t get worse because of wine doesn’t mean that yours won’t either. It is highly recommended to keep a food diary with you so that you can record symptoms of how each wine affects you and then decide accordingly.

It would be best to reduce alcohol consumption altogether, and for further advice, a medical professional or nutritionist should be consulted. They will take your symptoms into account and craft you a gerd-friendly diet.

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